Chevrolet to Offer CNG-powered 2015 Chevy Impala

by Chevrolet in the News on October 17, 2013


The Bowtie Brand’s brand-new full-size flagship, the Chevrolet Impala, is headed for uncharted waters: As recently announced by GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson, Chevy will offer a 2015 model with bi-fuel capability that allows it to run on either gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). At this stage in the game, no other automaker sells a manufacturer-produced full-size bi-fuel sedan, which means a strong advantage for both Chevy and its customers.

That’s because using CNG will allow Impala drivers to rely on a type of fuel that’s primarily sourced from within the United States, is currently less expensive than gasoline, and produces about 20 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than gasoline in traditionally powered vehicles. According to Dan Akerson, GM chairman and CEO, the upcoming 2015 Chevy Impala, combined with GM’s robust lineup of CNG-powered pickups and commercial vans will help spearhead a new era in green driving.

“We have an aggressive—and progressively ‘greener’—product plan for the United States,” said Akerson during the introduction of the CNG Impala. “Over their service lives, our 2011 through 2017 model year vehicles alone will reduce our national fuel consumption by about 12 billion gallons. This will offset almost a full year of crude oil imports from the Persian Gulf.”

Also, to be clear here, although Chevrolet will initially limit production of the CNG-capable Impala, it will also be offered to retail customers, not just fleet owners.

More information about the bi-fuel version will be provided closer to its on-sale date, but remember: The strikingly designed 2014 Chevy Impala, packed with premium amenities is on sale now with an MSRP of $26,860.


Written by Charles Krome.

Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.

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